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Irving and Doncic: The Dynamic Duo Dominating Dallas


  • Kyrie Irving, despite being in his early 30s, is showing no signs of slowing down and is in fact, displaying increased athleticism.
  • Irving’s partnership with Luka Doncic is proving to be a game-changer for the Dallas Mavericks, making them a formidable force in the playoffs.
  • Irving’s efficiency and ability to take charge when Doncic is resting, solves the Mavericks’ previous dependency on Doncic, making them a well-rounded team.

Kyrie Irving: The Benjamin Button of Basketball?

Kyrie Irving, who turned 32 this March, asked reporters after a recent win, “You watch the movie Benjamin Button? What if I’m getting more athletic in my early 30s?” It’s not a far-fetched notion, as Irving’s performance defies the usual decline guards face at his age. With no lingering injuries and improved health, Irving’s 13th year in the NBA is showing no signs of a drop-off.

Irving and Doncic: A Partnership to Reckon With

Irving’s move to Dallas has proven to be a perfect fit. His partnership with Luka Doncic has been nothing short of electric, making the Mavericks a team to fear in the playoffs. Irving’s scoring efficiency has improved, his turnovers are at a career-low, and he’s getting easy shots playing next to Doncic. The duo is truly a two-way street, each making the other better.

The Dallas Mavericks: More Than Just Luka’s Team

While the Mavericks are currently sixth in the standings, don’t be fooled. They’ve been an unstoppable team with both Irving and Doncic on the court, boasting a winning percentage that would place them among the top three teams in the West. Irving’s presence has solved the Mavericks’ previous problem of over-reliance on Doncic, ensuring the team doesn’t falter when their star is resting.

Irving Stepping Up to the Plate

When Doncic takes a break, Irving steps up. The Mavericks are winning those minutes by 1.8 points per 100 possessions. Irving is averaging 42.2 points and 10.5 assists per 100 possessions on a stellar 63.3 true shooting percentage without Doncic, effectively stepping into the role of the do-everything playmaker.

The Playoff Threat

The postseason is where stars matter the most. The Mavericks now have a legitimate second guy in Irving to give opponents trouble. With a rejuvenated Irving and the ever-reliable Doncic, Dallas is a team nobody should want to face in a seven-game series.

With Irving and Doncic at the helm, the Dallas Mavericks are poised for a strong playoff run. Irving’s renaissance and Doncic’s consistent brilliance make them a dynamic duo that’s hard to beat.

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