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Women’s NCAA Outshine Men’s

Women’s college basketball just dunked on the men’s game, and Caitlin Clark is the MVP of TV ratings. Here’s the scoop on how the women’s NCAA final outpaced the men’s in viewership and what it means for the future of sports broadcasting.


  • Women’s NCAA final trumps men’s in TV ratings
  • Caitlin Clark’s star power fuels historic viewership
  • Coyotes’ arena search hits another snag

Caitlin Clark: The New Face of Must-See TV

Every so often, an athlete comes along who captivates not just die-hard fans but the whole nation. Caitlin Clark is that athlete. Her performance on the court has skyrocketed women’s basketball into the prime-time spotlight.

Historic Numbers Don’t Lie:

  • ABC/ESPN’s coverage of Iowa vs. South Carolina: 18.9 million viewers
  • TNT/TBS/truTV’s coverage of UConn vs. Purdue: 14.8 million viewers

Clark’s influence is undeniable. The viewership for the women’s final didn’t just beat last year’s numbers—it shattered them, marking the most-watched women’s Final Four ever.

Skeptics questioned the 3 p.m. Sunday slot for the women’s final, but Clark proved that when you’re a star, the fans will find you.


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